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Up for sale 1-of-1 3 Series Wagon!

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I have to give credit to my wife. She has unbelievable patience for my car obsession passion. In September I acquired BMW vehicle number 6, a 2013 X5 M (E70), which means something has to go. Enter the 2016 328i wagon, she’s up for sale.

The new addition is painted in Melbourne red, like the wagon, and came with 65k miles. Ian, the previous owner took good care of the truck and aggressively changed all operating fluids. All of them. Multiple times.

  • Engine oil
  • Transfer case
  • Front differential
  • Rear differential
  • Transmission
  • Coolant
  • Power steering

All of these have been done since 45k miles! Awesome! I’ll highlight the X5 M later. Back to the wagon.

So now I have a 328i and an X5 M. The wagon was always as hold me over until the X5 M’s came down in price. I thought I would just keep the wagon as my daily, until the DINAN M5 came along, so there goes that.

The wagon has been a great car! It’s fun to drive, is super unique and will be the last wagon we’ll see in the USA from BMW for a long time. I’d love for her to go to a good home. If you are looking for a one of one M Performance Wagon to spice up your life. Contact me. Obsessedmotorsport at google email.

’16 Melbourne Red F31 Wagon M Performance Parts

Replacement car…er SAV found!

Posted on 07Sep

Replacement car…er SAV found!

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Thank you eBay! You connected me with another obsessive enthusiast!

Guys, meet the new member of the family – 2013 Melbourne Rot X5 M! She’s got 65k miles and all new fluid! The previous owner changed ALL the fluid at 55k-ish, right before things get funky! Yes! Thank you! Plus, it’s got a hitch DINAN springs, and paint protection film – and yes mud flaps.

Here is a screen shot of the recent maintenance.

The next fun part is logistics. I’m going to fly to IN to pick it up. Then drive down to Knoxville for a Real Estate business meeting, then back up to New Jersey. Oddly enough, I found a decent pair of OE winter tires and wheels for sale in Cincinnati, which is right along the way to Knoxville. Good time!

I’m pretty excited about the new truck. I’m glad it’s got the LED headlights, color is cool too, as it will be replacing the F31 Melbourne red wagon. Next up are DINAN exhaust, downpipes and a lava blanket!

Considering another car

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I have a good problem – I would like to figure out what happens after the lease is up on the F31 wagon in April, 2019. I could just walk away and put the E53 X5 back in family duty, or finally sell the X5, and replace it. Replace it with what? That’s the “problem.”

Interestingly the Mrs. already mentioned she’d prefer to have a used…err… pre-owned car due to the materials already off-gassing and she’s cool with manual transmissions, wagons, Alpinas, and M car things. All good stuff. The challenge is figuring out what checks the boxes for me.

The 2012-2013 E70 X5 M is currently top of the list. It needs to be in Monte Carlo Blue, have the Adaptive headlights and ideally has some DINAN parts. This allows me to tow things in the future should there ever be a need. Though I did tow the E30 once, that was sort of cool.

The F85 X5 M is clearly a no-brainer, my hold up is spending close or more than double than what I would spend on the E70. The newer X5 has an 8-speed trans vs. 6-speed, plus more power and arguably looks better.

I should point out that this replacement car is for my wife. But doubles as my second third car when we go out and do family things. Towing capacity, all-wheel-drive and room for the old dog are also requirements.

Update on floor mats

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Well in breaking news, I finally got around to “installing” the new OE floor mats in the E46 M3. At first i was in denial that I would see a difference between the original, now at least 12 years old, and the new ones, which as listed on the manufacture label was sometime in 2016.

At first glance there is a striking difference in color, namely the carpet is less faded. Also, the middle dark blue color in he tri-color M logo went from dark blue to a striking violet color. This variation and some of the contours of the outside borders are different from the original. It’s unclear how that actually happens, but, once installed, fit well in the car! They look sharp once in and remind you that it’s all about the little things in life.

E46 M3 BMW floor mats carpet

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

PS – I am still waiting for delivery of the DINAN mats for the DINAN S2 M5…

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