Considering another car

Considering another car

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I have a good problem – I would like to figure out what happens after the lease is up on the F31 wagon in April, 2019. I could just walk away and put the E53 X5 back in family duty, or finally sell the X5, and replace it. Replace it with what? That’s the “problem.”

Interestingly the Mrs. already mentioned she’d prefer to have a used…err… pre-owned car due to the materials already off-gassing and she’s cool with manual transmissions, wagons, Alpinas, and M car things. All good stuff. The challenge is figuring out what checks the boxes for me.

The 2012-2013 E70 X5 M is currently top of the list. It needs to be in Monte Carlo Blue, have the Adaptive headlights and ideally has some DINAN parts. This allows me to tow things in the future should there ever be a need. Though I did tow the E30 once, that was sort of cool.

The F85 X5 M is clearly a no-brainer, my hold up is spending close or more than double than what I would spend on the E70. The newer X5 has an 8-speed trans vs. 6-speed, plus more power and arguably looks better.

I should point out that this replacement car is for my wife. But doubles as my second third car when we go out and do family things. Towing capacity, all-wheel-drive and room for the old dog are also requirements.

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