The M5 is so fast my phone keeps flying away

DINAN S2 M5 Delivery Day

The M5 is so fast my phone keeps flying away

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A remedy was surely needed. As a responsible adult, I couldn’t possible allow my phone fumble around the console and onto the floor while driving, I mean, what would the world think?

Back in the early years of my E46 days, I found a device from a company called PanaVise they made a bracket that mounted perfectly to the dashboard and allowed for a pinch style holder to mount my external music device to, which at the time was an iPod. Remember those? Anyway, the unit worked well. It was mounted underneath one of pins for the trim just right of the radio / Nav system.

During some, well, spirited driving in the DINAN S2 M5, I constantly found my cell, specifically an iPhone 8 flapping around – frustrating indeed. I wondered if PanaVise was still around and if there was a way to bring it all to 2018. “What if I could add wireless charging too?” I thought. Looks like the answer is yes!

I found a super thin Qi wireless charging base, a large pinch holder for the PanaVise base, a BMW flashlight power socket adapter and a dual port USB adapter to plug into the BMW flashlight socket.

Installation was a a matter of assembling the parts. Just be careful when pulling up on the passenger side trim when installing the PanaVise base.


  • Wireless charging pad found here:
  • PanaVise Base Mount for E39 found here:
  • PanaVise Phone Grip:

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