Why are the wiper nozzles not spraying?!

Why are the wiper nozzles not spraying?!

Posted on 26Nov

Why are the wiper nozzles not spraying?!

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Is it strange that out of my fleet of six cars; the M3, X5, M5 and E30 all have windshield sprayer nozzle issues?

I had the M5 nose up for a T-stat replacement, when I decided I would remove the fender liner to clean it up. I then remembered that now would be a good time to see what was causing the wiper fluid to pool on the garage floor and why my nozzles were not spraying fluid. Once I pulled the tired looking wheel liner off, I discovered the cause of tank leak, a busted pump was the culprit. It seems the pumps fail internally when non-BMW washer fluid is used.

Failed pump seal caused this to leak.

My mechanic cousin mentioned it’s because the non-approved fluid eats the internal seals. Incidentally, I was examining the under-hood insulation and noticed the part under the wiper nozzles was un-tucked, when I pulled it down, happened to discover that one of the hose lines that feeds the nozzles was cracked! Mysteries solved!

Broken hose

We wouldn’t be obsessed if we just installed an Autozone rubber hose. Nope. I need to make it more complicated! Turns out, you can buy an entire harness / assembly from BMW! This one was made in 2017! This should last at least another 17-18 years!

Part number: 61608364200

While I was in there, I added a new main pump, and two new nozzles, as I want to do  this job once.

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